Launching the New Resources page
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If you've visited the Torchlight Tuition Resources page before, you should notice plenty of changes but all of the popular activities, tests, games and activities are all still there for you to download at your convenience! If you've not been, then what a treat you have in store!

We have example mock tests from all of our series of exams (7+, 8+, 9+, 1-+ and 11+) with model and answers and mark schemes wherever possible. We have 8 different Reading Lists covering Year 2 through to Year 6 and also lists for reluctant readers and suggestions from the adult section of the bookshop.

We have games and activities to add some variety and fun to a tutorial session or homeschooling. There are links to the narrative story activities that we produced during the COVID lockdowns. In short, there are loads of things to keep students, parents of students and tutors of students busy.

We will always put our latest additions up here on the blog first, but for the most useful resources, this is the place to go!

Sunday February 28th, 2021
Monday February 1st, 2021