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Updated 25th March 2020

The last few days have shown that Coronavirus will, at the very least, disrupt all of our lives and schedules over the coming weeks and months.

Now that schools have closed for the vast majority and exams have officially cancelled, many of you will be looking for support and advice over the coming weeks and months. We will try our very best to stay up to date with the latest information and continue to provide tutors online.

Will tuition be affected?

Not necessarily, but stay in touch with your tutor.

In this instance we would recommend you and your tutor temporarily switching to one-to-one video online tuition such as Zoom, Skype or FaceTime.

In the event that a tutor is unable to continue working online, Torchlight will be happy to provide an alternative tutor temporarily.

Will group courses be cancelled?

No. We are committed to keeping all of our group courses open.

We have had a number of additional enquiries to see whether group courses can continue via video streaming and we are committed to providing this. So far less than 20% of our group course booking have cancelled, so we'll be aiming to provide that courses as usual but delivered remotely. If you have any questions, please email us directly.

Can tuition continue if schools close?


There is no reason to think that tuition cannot continue as normal even if schools close. Our tutors have the benefit of being predominantly locally based, cutting the need for excess travel. Tutors will be able to provide video lessons if face-to-face visits are not possible.

We are also planning to hold some extra secondary and primary support groups to support students who might need teaching support in the event of any school closures, particularly in the event that social distancing restrictions are lifted but the schools remain closed.

Will Torchlight provide extra support in the event of school closure?


We recognise that any school closures could cause serious concern for students in the run-up to important exams. The burden of scheduling a suitable programme of study will be overwhelming for some families and we are already seeing many tutors engaged to set daily and weekly tasks and provide vital structure for kids confined to their homes.

What are Torchlight's cancellation policies?

All of our policies can be seen on our website, link below.

We hope to be running all of our courses and small groups as advertised, no matter what the disruption caused by Covid-19. If you do need to check our cancellation policies, please either go to the website or you can view a PDF document via the button below.

For any more information, please contact the Torchlight office.