Torchlight Tuition

Torchlight Tuition

Light a path to success


We work hard with parents and students
to find the right tutor and set clear goals.

Get in the limelight

Build confidence

Our tutors are trained to give the personal support and encouragement needed to build true self-sufficient students.

Don't be left in the dark

Service and support

We put a premium on giving our clients excellent feedback and liaising with schools. We offer free consultations and have clear and reasonable rates.

"The results are always the same; extraordinary. It all goes back to 'real teaching', by a teacher who wants to do what he is doing: teaching!"

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“Should I get them to do any work over the holidays or do they need a break?” “Will they benefit from a prolonged absence of homework or are they going to forget everything they learned this year?” “Do we need …

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