CrossNumber 4 : Cats
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Cats are not trying to be your best friend, they don’t care where your stick went, and they’re certainly not going to fetch anything for you.

Don't even talk to them about this (click link if you dare) abomination.

Who's a good boy? Dogs, that's who. Cats don't need your labels, thank you very much. They will respond to a name you give them, but really only if there is a food bribe or a spa offer or a sleep rider attached. Cats are not an entertaining part of your narrative: they have their own story (but will occasionally stop in for a meal and a massage).

This week’s CrossNumber is all about cats. Good luck and enjoy!

How it works

The aim of a CrossWord puzzle is to fill in all of the white squares in the grid using the clues, separated into two sections: 'Across' and 'Down'. Each numbered clue corresponds to a matching number written in the top left corner of some of the CrossNumber squares. These numbered squares are the starting points to your answers. Watch out as some numbered clues have solutions that run both 'down' and 'across'. There can only ever be one digit per square and no answer ever starts with the digit zero (0). Finally, you can't leave any white squares unfilled so, if your answer has three boxes, the solution must be a three digit number.

There we are, I've made this sound much more complicated than it really is. If you've never tried one before, give it a go. I promise it's really quite easy to get the hang of, and very rewarding when you do!

If there are any teachers or parents who'd like to print this and/or use as a PDF, you can find a copy here:


I have included the solutions at the foot of this entry, upside down so you might not have it spoiled if you glance 'by accident' (don't worry, I won't tell anyone)!

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