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Week 1

(11th January) - Free Resources

Welcome to the Spring 2021 Torchlight Resources! You will see that our worksheet takes the form of a narrative about a young aspiring pirate called Sam. We have used the story to tie together various maths and English tasks suitable for students in Year 4, 5 and 6, as well as arts and crafts activities and some fun puzzles and games.

Most students will benefit from an adult explaining the tasks in the pack. Hopefully, the contents summary below will help.

In the pack you have:

  • Chapter 1 of our story, titled ‘Port Johnson’
    • Read the text together, perhaps out loud.
    • Four core maths skills activities, consisting of 10 questions of each addition, subtraction, division and multiplication.
    • A descriptive creative writing task to produce a character description based on the behaviour and illustrations of four people Sam meets in the port.
  • Additional English
    • Glossary of tricky vocabulary.
    • Activity to practice and consolidate the vocabulary in the text.
    • Four comprehension questions.
  • Arts and Crafts
  • A map-making challenge put together by Hayley and her arts company Wurkshop.

On Thursday this week, we will release a video on our YouTube channel which will feature a reading of the story, worked solutions to the maths and English questions, as well as some extra challenges and explanations.

Before Thursday, please send us any maps that students have drawn in the Arts and Crafts activity as well as your descriptions of Miss Clara, The Weatherman, Betty Bo and Joe Vittles, the four characters from the main story. The best of these will be included in the video.

The worksheets are intended to be completed before viewing the video but, particularly if students are completing the tasks with minimal supervision, you can do the worksheet in tandem with the video (making sure to pause to give time to answer the questions).

Difficulty levels

As we are producing the resources for a range of ages, there will certainly be areas - particularly in maths - where younger students will struggle. Here you should look to support where possible and reassure that not all of the questions will be achievable, they should just be very proud of what they do get right.

Overall, if in doubt, do wait for the video lesson on Thursday where everything should be explained!

All comments / suggestions welcomed, just email us at