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CrossNumber Puzzle
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Easter! Egg hunts, spring lamb, family, bunnies, hot cross buns, chocolate! You'll find all these and more in this week's seasonal CrossNumber puzzle.

If you're stuck for anything to do over the long bank holiday weekend, maybe a few maths questions over a cup of tea and a lie down will be just the thing you need!

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This week our CrossNumber puzzle has legendary artist Pablo Picasso as its subject. As well as being one of the greatest artistic innovators of the 20th century, Picasso was a true eccentric, notorious for his many relationships, and a genuine global icon in a world that had embraced visual media in ways unimaginable when Picasso ...

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If you've found your way here, then maybe you're as much of a puzzle enthusiast as I am! I still get a thrill each time an answer intersects perfectly with its neighbours in the grid, the frustration of a hard clue quickly evaporating as the squares gradually fill up.

In this first of a weekly series of CrossNumber puzzles, we look at the ...